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You want to work on the defenestrator?

Let us know! We need new blood. Send an email to and tell us a little bit about yourself and how you'd like to help. We will soon be having regular collective meetings at LAVA!!

Subscriptions: Sorry, we don't do subscriptions. We do send out the defenestrator free to prisoners in Pennsylvania. If you're locked up and want to receive this, just write us a note and we'll add you to our list. Keep in mind, we don't publish regularly.

Note to contributors: See our submission guidelines for the tips on writing for the paper.

Benefits: Got ideas for raising money? Let us know! If you want to support the defenestrator, show up to our feasts, give a donation, organize or play a benefit!

Advertise: Ad rates cost $2.15 per square inch. That's $15 for business card size, $258 for a full page. Circulation is 3000 upwards, depending on what cash we have to work with, all handed out free at shows, demos, events or set in stores, Laundromats etc.

Tell our advertisers where you heard about them (in the defenestrator of course)!

Calendar: Send in fliers and events for the next calendar!

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