U.S. Court sentences Lynne Stewart to die in prison

In July, a judge changed Lynne Stewart's prison sentence from 28 months to 10 years, effectively giving the 70 year old lawyer who suffers from health issues a death sentence.

In 2005, Stewart was convicted of providing support to a terrorist organization. While defending a known terrorist, she released a statement from her client to the press. In doing so, she violated an agreement with the US government to not pass information between her client and the outside world. Many lawyers view Stewart's conviction as a government attack on defense lawyers that severely restricts their ability to properly represent their clients.

Judge Koeltl originally gave her a short sentence because of strong public support. Stewart has had a long career of protecting the civil rights of the poor. So why did the judge change her sentence to 10 years? Because a higher court ordered him to do it, to make an example of her in “the war against terrorism.”

To find out more about how this outrage occurred and about ongoing efforts to support Lynne Stewart, visit the website: http://lynnestewart.org/