Help Release Detained Refugees Now


by Media Mobilizing Project

Many in the Cambodian-American community are facing a holiday season without their brothers, sons, friends and fathers.

In a video produced by the Media Mobilizing Project, Joe Hanzsum, friend of detained refugees and member of the One Love Movement, a coalition fighting for the release of community members, explains the origins of Cambodian immigration to Philadelphia. Hanszum explains that most were thrown into the same conditions of poverty faced by the majority of Philadelphians when they came here from Cambodia. "We came here escaping genocide where most of our families were torn apart already," says Hanzsum. Yet their status as non-citizens under current immigration law means that any criminal record, large or small, is an automatic life sentence of separation from thier lives and loved ones.

Mass detentions and deportations of Pennsylvanians are inhumane and only serves to deepen the poverty that so many communities are facing. Please read and sign a petition crafted by members of the Cambodian-American community in Philadelphia asking Immigration officials to take a look at these cases. When they do, they will see that these men are outstanding members of the community who have families that depend on and love them.

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The rally was organized by the One Love Movement. For more information and updates visit Facebook. Search for AZI Fellas, Anti-Deportation Organization and the Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia.