Banned in the DOC Closing Exhibit

The A-Space Collective

 Art Reception & Trash Y Booty tag sale

All Day Saturday, February 26

The A-Space

4722 Baltimore Ave, West Philly

Free! Donations Appreciated

Trash Y Booty & Banned in the DOC viewing 10-6 (scroll below for details)

Banned in the DOC Reception 7pm

Come view prison artist Leonard Jefferson’s amazing art work all day Saturday, Feb 26 at The A-Space, 4722 Baltimore Ave in West Philly. Visit Trash Y Booty from 10-6 or come for the closing reception at 7pm

Banned in the DOC closing reception 7pm Saturday, March 26

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    Live music by Kevin Price

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    Live music by Harun Abdur’rasheed

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    Update on artist Leonard Jefferson by Andy from HRC (

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    performance by artist/activist  Joseph Xavier-Mack

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    Presentation on the importance of supporting political & politicized prisoners from Khalid Abdur’rasheed from Jericho Movement & New Afrikan Liberation Front

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    Presentation on prisoner art from Tim Dunn of Books Through Bars & Contexts (insider art)

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    Performances & Presentations by other invited guests tba

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    Children welcome but some content may be geared toward mature audiences

Who is Leonard Jefferson:


Leonard Jefferson is a prolific artist who has used his art to provide analysis and commentary concerning Pennsylvania's criminal justice system and his lived experience behind bars. His art is typically small/medium-sized pen & ink drawings of prison settings; he has used his art to do outreach to the general public by sending it to various individuals and organizations, including human-rights groups.

In April 2009, he completed the drawing Sista-matized, (displayed above), which was confiscated from him during a cell search in July 09 at State Correctional Institute (SCI) Albion, at the discretion of the corrections officers who were conducting the search. The reason they gave on the official prison paperwork was that the drawing was "racial artwork". Mr. Jefferson filed requests and grievances for the return of the drawing, which were denied. The justification given on the final denial by the Secretary of Corrections' office (the head of the PA state prison system) was that the drawing had "negative connotations towards Corrections Officers, Judges, and the Criminal Justice System". That is to say, they didn't like it because it calls these people and groups perpetrators of racial oppression and genocide.

Write to Leonard:

Leonard Jefferson
SCI Albion
10745 Route 18
Albion, PA 16475


Trash y Booty 10-6

Come for great bargains & stay to see fabulous art

Trash y Booty is a collectively run program of irredeemable trash-pickers
who sell or give away their gleanings to benefit our friends, various
programs, and the community at large.
We have contributed in the past to A-Space, Books Through Bars, Food Not
Bombs, The Pedal Co-op, Mariposa Food Co-op, as well as to individuals in
need of funds...
We've got all kinds of stuff to sell: Lotsa books, videos, cds, sordid and
assorted junk...everything's really cheap!!

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