What is Harm Reduction? Substance Group 'Zine Release Event

 When: Friday, March 4th,

7:30 to 9:30 pm

Where: A-Space,

4722 Baltimore Ave, West Philly


Free! Donations Appreciated


The Substance Group Presents:

• Discussion of what is the Substance Group

• Discussion of what is Harm Reduction theory and practice by Gus Grannon and Emily Gibble from Prevention Point

• A brief introduction to Narcan Training

• A presentation of “Harm Reduction as

Anarchist Practice” by Christopher Smith



What is Addiction?


Addiction is not just drugs and alcohol. It could be

defined as any habit accompanied by cravings that

cannot be stopped without adverse affects on the

individual. Society itself is rife with these cravings, from

money making to war making. Why are just those with

habits for certain substances stigmatized?


What is Harm Reduction?


“One of the most basic principles of harm reduction involves the idea of ‘meeting people where they’re at’, which is an accessible way of saying that harm reduction seeks to engage users regardless of their active use of substances. This sentiment might in some ways be seen as being anti-authoritarian, in that according to this conception active drug use is no longer deemed to be a barrier for care, in spite of the opinions and policies of overarching medical and legal authorities.” - from ”Harm Reduction as Anarchist Practice”


What is the Substance Group?


We share together at the A-Space every Wednesday at 7 pm. We embrace many approaches: harm reduction, abstinence, and emergency support. Some people just want to discuss their habits, and others are caught deeply in the throes of repeating struggles.


Please join us on March 4th for a presentation of information about the Substance Group.