Philadelphia October 17 Anti-War Mobilization Mtg

*Attention Antiwar Activists!*

Please forward to friends and lists!

On August 28th, we held a successful meeting at the Ethical Society to
kick off the organizing for October 17. We formed the *Philadelphia October
17 Mobilization committee*.

After a general discussion of local activism we heard a report and
*Friday, September 4.* 6:30 PM at the A-Space, 4722 Baltimore Ave in West
Philly. . .

What you can do:

1. sign up for our organizing email list and *come to the next meeting.*
2. endorse the demonstration and get your organization to endorse as
3. tell your friends about the October 17 march and rally.

contact us at:

We demand:

- *US Troops Out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan Now!*
- *Money for Jobs and Human needs, not for wars and corporate
- End war crimes including torture, Prosecute the war criminals!
- End US Support for the Israeli Occupation of Palestine! End the
siege of Gaza!
- US Hands off Iran and North Korea!
- Self-determination for all oppressed peoples and nations.
- Abolish Nuclear Weapons

These are the demands of the demonstration that will appear on our outreach
and informational materials. The first two demands are the central, focal
demands of the march and rally.

The meeting voted to organize a march and rally on October 17. Gathering at
City Hall and marching. The route will be worked out by the logistics

Timeline: Gather at 11 am. march at noon to ______________

We will also coordinate and create a space for non-violent direct action at
the end of the march.

*Local endorsers:* To add your name of organization contact philly

Brandywine Peace Community*
Bubbies & Zaydes (Grandparents) for Peace in the Middle East
Bucks Mont Coalition for Peace Action
Colia Clark,Chair, Richard Wright Centennial Committee; Grandmothers for
Mumia Abu Jamal*
Main Line Peace Action
Northwest Greens
Philadelphia International Action Center
Philadelphia Regional Antiwar Network (PRAWN)
Philadelphia Against War
Philadelphia International Socialist Organization
Philadelphia Solidarity
Philadelphia Socialist Action
Philadelphia Workers International League

** organizations for Identification only.*
*National Endorsers of October 17 actions.*

*Endorsers of a Call for an October 17 Day for
Local and Regional Antiwar Protests*

*[Note: Endorsing organizations and coalitions will advance their own
demands for these protests based on their own platforms. Endorsement does
not imply support for the demands agreed to at the July 10-12 national
conference in Pittsburgh or by any coalition or network. The demands will be
developed locally and regionally, and will be decided upon by the endorser
organizations and individuals and by the coalitions themselves.]*

*1. Action Center for Justice (Charlotte, NC)
2. After Downing Street
3. A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition (Act Now To Stop War and End Racism)
4. Bail Out the People Movement
5. Mark A. Bailey, Methodist Theological School in Ohio Seminary Student
6. Bay Area United Against War
7. Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace
8. Boston Stop the Wars Coalition
9. Deb Brave, Antiwar Activist, Mantua, Ohio
10. Bread and Roses Forum of the Sisters of St. Joseph
11. Burnsville and Eagan Peace Vigil (MN)
12. Central Ohioans For Peace
14. Connecticut Students Against the War
15. Defenders for Freedom, Justice and Equality (Richmond, VA)
16. Democratic Socialists of Central Ohio
17. Donna Dewitt, President, South Carolina AFL-CIO*
18. Faith Communities Uniting for Peace (Columbus, OH)
20. Holly Gigante, Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) in the State of
21. Greater Boston United for Justice with Peace Coalition
22. Green Party of Ohio
23. Monadel Herzallah, President, Arab American Union Members Council*
24. Hudson Valley Activist Newsletter
25. Interfaith Council for Peace in the Middle East
26. International Action Center
27. International Socialist Organization (ISO)
28. Iraq Moratorium
29. Iraq Peace Action Coalition (Minneapolis)
30. Ron Jacobs, writer
31. Kansas City Labor Against the War
32. Mayday Book Store (Minneapolis)
33. Middle East Children’s Alliance
34. Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO)
35. Muslim Solidarity Committee
36. National Assembly to End the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and Occupations
37. New Abolitionist Movement
38. New England United
39. Northeast Ohio Anti-War Coalition (NOAC)
40. Northeast Peace and Justice Action Coalition (NEPAJAC)
41. Northwest Greens (Philadelphia)
42. Northwest New Jersey Peace Fellowship
43. Ohio State Labor Party
44. Ohio Valley for Peace
45. Palestine Task Force, Boston United for Justice with Peace
46. Peace and Social Progress Now, New Paltz, NY
47. Peninsula Peace and Justice Center (Palo Alto, CA)
48. Progressive Democrats of America
49. Progressive Peace Coalition (Central Ohio)
50. Grace Reese, Faith Communities Uniting for Peace, Columbus, Ohio*
51. Rhode Island Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America
52. Rhode Island Mobilization Committee to Stop War and Occupation
53. Saint Paul Regional Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
54. San Jose Peace and Justice Center
55. Michael L. Schwartz, Author “War Without End: The Iraq War in Context;”
Member, U.S. Labor Against the War*
56. Jo Sippie-Gora, Chair, Seeds of Peace Committee of the Morristown (NJ)
Unitarian Fellowship*
57. Cindy Sheehan, Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox
58. Socialist Action
59. Socialist Action,/Ligue pour l’Action socialiste
60. Socialist Caucus of the New Democratic Party of Canada
61. Socialist Organizer
62. Socialist Party of CT
63. Socialist Party of Massachusetts
64. Socialist Viewpoint
65. Solidarity Committee of the Capital District
66. St. Louis 9/11 Questions Meetup Group
67. Students for Peace, Duluth Chapter
68. Stop War on Iran Campaign
69. Lynne Stewart Organization
70. Deena Stryker, Writer
71. Texans for Peace
72. Thomas Merton Center Antiwar Committee (Pittsburgh)
73. Troops Out Now Coalition
74. Twin Cities Peace Campaign – Focus on Iraq
75. U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW)
76. Veterans for Peace (national organization)
77. Veterans for Peace 21 in New Jersey
78. David Walsh, Transportation Communications Union Local 1089
79. Wasatch Coalition for Peace and Justice of Salt Lake City (& Northern
80. Women Against Military Madness
81. Women Against War (Albany, NY)
82. Women in Black, Duluth Chapter
83. Women Speak Out for Peace and Justice (Cleveland)
84. Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
85. Workers Action
86. Workers International League
87. Workers World Party
88. World Can’t Wait
89. World Prout Assembly*

*for identification only