200 Students Come Together for Nonviolent Schools

Philadelphia Student Union


On Tuesday, November 9th, the Campaign for Nonviolent Schools hosted the Youth Power Summit. Over 200 students from 45 schools came together for a day of youth led workshops and dialogues. Workshops included 'Bias Violence: Overcoming Divisions in Our Schools'; 'Know Your Rights'; 'Restorative Justice: Tools for Peace'; 'School to Prison or School to College' and 'Nonviolence: Power that Heals.' Each youth led workshop was designed to arm students with knowledge and concrete tools to take back to their school.

At the close of the Youth Power Summit, every student stood and took the Campaign for Nonviolent Schools Pledge:

I pledge to reject violence in my words, thoughts and actions.

I pledge to identify the root causes of violence.

I pledge to stand up against injustice.

For a full report about the outcomes of the Youth Power Summit, go to http://phillyeducationjustice.org/200-students-come-together-nonviolent-...

The Campaign for Nonviolent Schools (CNS) is a youth-led effort dedicated to addressing the root causes of school violence and its everyday manifestations. The Campaign is built on a strong foundation of student-led organizing to improve school climate, create pro-student discipline policies, enhance trust and communication between students and school staff, and bring equity in human and material resources to all schools.

The Campaign is building a nonviolent student movement across neighborhoods, schools and organizations, engaging hundreds of youth in exploring the roots of violence in their own lives and developing a personal commitment to nonviolence.
Prison-like school environments, a lack of resources, high staff turn-over rates, and suppression of youth leadership are examples of conditions that enhance feelings of anger, frustration, and helplessness that young people may already be struggling with. These conditions help to create school environments which are a breeding ground for physical and emotional violence directed at other students and staff members. The Campaign seeks to address these conditions of Structural Violence by organizing to implement (and supporting where in existence) policies in collaboration with School District leadership that end the School to Prison pipeline and promote equity in human and material resources.

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