Israel Attacks Gaza Aid Flotilla

Israeli commandos attacked a flotilla of ships from the Free Gaza Movement carrying food, medical equipment, and building materials to besieged Gaza. Gaza has been blocked by Israel and Egypt since June 2007, denying basic goods to 1.5 million people.

Philly Cop Shoots Himself, Blames Non-Existent Black Suspect, And Still Won’t Go to Jail!

Maybe everyone else might want to try and gloss this over, but we sure as hell won’t.

Here’s the deal: back in April, Sgt. Robert Ralston claimed that he was shot by a robbery suspect while on patrol in West Philadelphia, or to make it more nuanced, a black man with cornrows and a mark or tattoo under his left eye. Anyone who deals with police brutality issues regularly, and particularly with how cops act when their own get shot, knows what happened next. An all-out manhunt went down. This is the same police department who can see nothing wrong in pulling people out of cars and collectively beating them down while news helicopters tape the scene, or with bum-rushing a baby shower and assaulting attendees while looking for a suspect that wasn’t there, or even with dropping a bomb on a city block because they are pissed off at a few political activists (May 12th was the 25th anniversary of the infamous MOVE bombing). So Philly’s all-out manhunts tend to be a problem, especially where shot-up cops are concerned.

Arizona on the Delaware? Philadelphia Police Aid Deportations

Sign a petition calling for an end to Phila Police - I.C.E. collaboration.

In late April Arizona Governor signed Senate Bill 1070 into law. SB 1070, also know as the ‘Papers Please’ law, mandates that all police officers inquire about immigration status if the officer has “reasonable suspicion” that a person is undocumented. This state sanctioned racial profiling has received intense opposition from across the country, with major political and cultural figures such as basketball player Charles Barkley speaking out against it.

Philadelphia has been participating in a program similar to SB1070 for the past 2 years.

The Philadelphia Police Department collaborates closely with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the federal agency that focuses on deportation and detention. In the early winter of 2009 Mayor Nutter re-established a policy of "non-inquiry," which prohibits police officers or any other city employee from asking about immigration status.


This year marks 25 Years since the bombing of our Family!  At 9:00am MOVE is delivering MURDER charges to The Courts on May 12th, Charging officials with the Vicious Murder of 11 Innocent MOVE family members!  There will be a 10:00 am press conference at The AFSC, located at 15th & Cherry Sts., about the Murder Complaints.

Attacking Racism: Black-Asian Solidarity After the Violence at South Philly High

A fast-growing spirit of cross-racial solidarity is taking root in the Philadelphia public schools in response to the December 3rd attacks on 26 Asian immigrant students at South Philadelphia High School.

On the Monday following the attacks, 50 students refused to attend classes, kicking off a highly publicized boycott that lasted eight school days. At the School Reform Commission Meeting held that week, students and numerous community advocates gave public statements expressing outrage over the gross failures of teachers and administrators to intervene and stop the attacks. Despite the fact that the attackers were primarily African American and the school has seen long-standing tensions between the racial groups, students carried signs of protest that read, “It’s not a question of who beat whom, but who let it happen.”

Indeed, activists have been calling attention to the school district’s repeated negligence in addressing a history of racial incidents at the school.

The dodging response from the district as well as the coverage by mass media has tended to create the wrongful impression that tension and violence between African Americans and Asian Americans is somehow natural and inevitable. School District Superintendent Dr. Arlene Ackerman wrote in a Jan 11th editorial for The Philadelphia Inquirer, “All too often, students bring racial intolerance from their homes and communities into school. When these prejudices exist in cultures and neighborhoods where violence can be a way of life, it’s no surprise that tempers explode and learning becomes impossible.” Mainstream media coverage has tended to portray Asians in South Philly as the latest immigrant newcomers in a changing neighborhood who are understandably met with resentment and abuse because of their differences in language and culture.

Save Point Breeze Campaign: Fighting Gentrification in South Philly

The Save Point Breeze Campaign, a part of the community organization Concerned Citizens of Point Breeze, is an anti-gentrification movement in South Philadelphia fighting to stop market rate housing from pushing out poor and working-class families.must read this!
Three neighborhoods in Philadelphia, including Point Breeze, have been designated to receive federal stimulus money through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (1). This stimulus money comes at a time when concerns about gentrification in the neighborhood have intensified. At both 1741 Federal St. and 23rd and Alter St. there are houses/condos on the market for $300,000. At 1737 Manton St. a penthouse is being built that will be in the high $300,000s. "We can go on and on, those are just some examples. How in the world can people stay in Point Breeze with those houses coming up all around them?" said Betty Beaufort, activist and longtime Point Breeze resident. In one year, from 2008 to 2009, the median home sale price in Point Breeze has gone up 45.7% or $29,500 (2).

Put a lid on the trash tax

Mayor Nutter wouldn’t dare impose on his wealthy buddies, developers and big business in trying to balance the budget.  So with the city still in need of funds he sang his usual refrain at his March 4th Budget Address.  Poor and working Philadelphians can foot the bill!  Under the “Healthy Philadelphia Initiative” he has proposed a 2-cent tax per ounce on ‘sugary drinks’ (70 cents more on a two liter bottle of soda or $2.88 more on a 12-pack of cans.)  The “Keep Philly Clean” initiative is even more concerning.  Nutter has p

Port Richmond Philadelphia Community Rallies Against Police Officer in Fatal Shooting

The community of Port Richmond has come together and rallied against police officer Frank?Tepper?after he killed?Billy Panas Jr,?this past?November in Northeast Philadelphia. Port Richmond is in the part of Philadelphia adjacent to Fishtown and Kensington and is one of the?more working class?sections of the city. This community has mobilized against a police shooting where support for the police is usually very strong.

On Blue, Black and White: The Tragedies of Lawrence Allen and Billy Panas Jr.

The life of Billy Panas Jr. was cut short on November 21st, 2009 when off duty cop Sgt. Frank Tepper gunned him down in the Port Richmond neighborhood where they both lived.  After almost two and a half months he has finally been charged with the murder of Billy Panas  Jr. and is awaiting trial. A strikingly similar case exists and has gone largely unnoticed for well over a year.  Both cases involve an off duty cop shooting a young man, but there are differences. This case occurred in North Philly, not Port Richmond. The cop and the victim were black, not white.

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