Jeff Mach's What Sharp Teeth June 12, 8pm

Friday, June 12, 8pm
The A-Space 4722 Baltimore Ave
Philly, PA 19143

Jeff Mach's "What Sharp Teeth"

With special opening performance by The Velocitators,

Philly Icarus Project: Peer Mental Health Support

Philly Icarus Project: Peer Mental Health Support
Monday June 8, 7pm
The A-Space, 4722 Baltimore Ave in West Philly

Join us for a brand new incarnation of the Philadelphia Icarus Project!

San Francisco 8 Support Mtg

San Francisco 8 Support Meeting
Sunday, June 7th 12noon
The A-Space 4722 Baltimore Ave in West Philly
Sponsored by: Philadelphia Jericho/ABCF

Philly Jericho/ABCF invites you to our San Francisco 8 Support Meeting on Sunday, June 7 at 11am and The A-Space, 4722 Baltimore Ave in West Philly. At this meeting we will be planning a local campaign to support the San Francisco 8 including several showings of the film Legacy of Torture. The preliminary hearings for the SF 8 are coming up this June 11th and the SF8 need as much support as possible!

Philly Against War June 3

The next Philly Against War meeting will be Wednesday, June 3rd at 6:30 pm at the A-Space, 4722 Baltimore Ave. in West Philly.

Art @ A-Space June 1st

Periwinkle Pete presents a short group art-show opening monday June 1st at 7pm. This show features the work of Paul Phillips, Chris Klines, Sid Torchio, Christian Cantiello, Dan Fox, and Melissa aka "Shake'.

The A-Space Anarchist Community Space
4722 Baltimore Ave, W. Philly
215-727-0882 leave msg

plenty of parking for bikes & cars
south side of Baltimore ave
between 47th & 48th on septa #34 green line surface trolley
most events free/we survive on donation


Trans Altered Books Project

Trans Altered Books Project

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The “Trans Altered Books Project,” funded by the Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grant, offers those who identify as Trans to participate in a nine-week Altered Books Course by Pigeon Arts’ Director, Jesse White.

Do you identify as Trans* and are seeking a creative way to build esteem and strengthen community?

Upping the Anti Launch Party: How do we build radical movements?

How do we build radical movements?

Lessons from the Student Liberation Action Movement (SLAM) and from
revolutionary activist study groups

Friday June 5th * 7pm

Happy Birthday Suzy Subways!
The A-Space
4722 Baltimore Ave
south side of Baltimore Ave, between 47th and 48th

On SEPTA, #34 green line surface trolley. plenty of parking for bikes
and cars.

Join local writers/activists Dan Berger and Suzy Subways, with special guest speaker Kazembe Balagun, for a launch party for issue 8 of Upping the Anti and a discussion of current revolutionary organizing!

Attention, MOVE: This is America!

At the 24th anniversary of the May 13 massacre, MOVE organizes for 2009 Parole Hearings

By Hans Bennett

(Born Black Magazine, May 2009)

“Attention, MOVE: This Is America! You must abide by the laws of the United States!” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Sambor declared through a loudspeaker, minutes before the May 13, 1985 police assault on the revolutionary MOVE organization’s home. This assault killed 5 children and 6 adults, including MOVE founder John Africa. That morning police shot over 10,000 rounds of bullets into their West Philadelphia home, and detonated explosives on the front, and both sides of their house. Following an afternoon standstill, a State Police helicopter dropped a C-4 bomb, illegally supplied by the FBI, on MOVE’s roof. The bomb started a fire that eventually destroyed 60 homes: the entire block of a middle-class black neighborhood. 13-year old Birdie Africa and 30-year old Ramona Africa were the only survivors, after they dodged police gunfire and escaped from the fire with permanent burn scars. (watch video)

Our City, Our Budget: an update on the struggle to save Philly libraries and all city services

by Paul Walker

When Mayor Nutter organized the Town Hall Meetings in December of last year, the last thing he had on his mind was transparency in government, let alone input into the budgeting process. What he was really doing was laying it out plain to the people of Philadelphia: buck up, you lose. Boy did he get an earful. I’ll never forget the look on his face as hundreds of residents of Southwest Philly lined up to take a turn at the mic, letting him know just how pissed they were, while the crowds in the seats taunted and cajoled the Mayor, Library Director Siobhan Reardon and the panel of cronies they had brought along with them.

Philly Budget Wars 2.0: We Won’t Pay for Your Crisis Tax the Rich, Not Us!

By Sean West and Scott Pinkelman

It would be an understatement to call the recent struggle against Mayor Michael Nutter’s proposed service cuts anything but amazing. Under the banner called the Coalition for Essential Services, a movement of neighborhood groups, most of the cities major unions, health care activists, students, clergy, block captains, seniors and many more essentially put such a fire under our Mayor’s rear that he was forced to abandon many of his plans to balance the budget by cutting services to working people and poor neighborhoods. After witnessing many lively protests of The Coalition to Save the Libraries such as the “People’s Indictment of Mayor Nutter” and a “People’s Contempt of Court Citation”, it was surreal to see the movement’s slogans co-opted by Nutter as he announced his FY 2010 budget on March 19th in City Hall chambers as “The People’s Budget.”

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