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Taking Action for Healthcare

On Tuesday, October 16th people angered over the lack of progress in the national healthcare debate took their message to the health insurance company Cigna’s front doorstep in Center City. 

While people rallied in support five people blocked the doors of Cigna in a ‘death pile’ to protest of the health insurance industries attempt to block any meaningful health care reform with it’s army of DC lobbyists.

Among those who put their bodies on the line for health care reform was Joan Kosloff whose son Eric Aycox died as a result of a treatable case of meningitis, because he was uninsured. 

Every day in America, an estimated 120 people die as a result of being denied health care by an insurance company. 

The Pennsylvania chapter of Health Care for America Now had this to say about their actions :

“We were arrested today because Joan Kosloff’s son died as a result of a treatable case of meningitis because he could not afford health insurance….
“We were arrested today because Dawn Smith is today fighting CIGNA for the treatment she needs. Dawn has  a brain tumor. Doctors are ready to help her. But CIGNA has been blocking her from treatment."

Resisting the Coup Grassroots Style!

Honduran and American Activists Dispel U.S. Media Lies

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by Joanna Grim

In light of the overall absence of coverage by the mainstream news media, and the printing of misleading information concerning the situation in Honduras one month after a military coup ousted the democratically-elected President Manuel Zalaya in papers such as our own Philadelphia Inquirer – which prints deceptive articles such as Rick Santorum’s op-ed likening opposition of the coup to “going against democracy” and yet declines to print op-eds submitted by local activists and educators hoping to bring another perspective to the Inquirer’s readers –  Philadelphians have to ask “What inquiries are being made?” “What story is being told?” “Whose interests are being served?”

G20 Report Back


We just got back from Pittsburgh after traveling across the state, connecting personally with some local struggles and participating in exciting actions and protests against our global ruling elite's neoliberal agenda. Despite a veritable police state in Pittsburgh, the time was inspiring and rewarding enough we felt we should send out this report back to those who couldn't make it. We also temporarily lost a caravaner who was wrongfully arrested while filming some of the police repression in the streets, so we're combining this with an urgent appeal for funds for his release!


Monday- Anarchists Against the Wall

Anarchists Against the Wall
With Uri Gordon
7pm Monday, September 14
A-Space 4722 Baltimore Ave, 19143 (W. Philly)
Free! Donations to Anarchists Against the Wall legal defense fund are appreciated!

A Call to Join the People's Caravan to the G20

Pennsylvania, along with the rest of the world, is in crisis. Many people do not have access to decent housing, education, healthcare, jobs, healthy food, transportation and communication. While we are told that there are not resources to provide for our basic needs, bankers and the ultra-rich get trillions of dollars in bail-out funding, and our services are cut and costly wars are waged.

Press Release: 26 AIDS activists arrested inside U.S. Capitol Rotunda in dramatic protest Thursday July 9

JENNIFER FLYNN 09 Jul 2009 15:24 GMT

27 AIDS Activists ArrestED in Capitol Building Demanding Promised Funding & Policy Changes

With a new HIV infection every 9 ½ minutes in the US, why are we bailing out the bankers and leaving people with HIV without?

Washington, DC— Dozens of AIDS activists from across the Northeast U.S. risked arrest today, staging a loud demonstration inside the Capitol Rotunda on the eve of key Congressional votes on appropriations for life-saving programs and one day before President Obama’s first trip to Africa since his election.

The People vs. The Banksters: A mass snowball fight in the City of London


On February 2nd, the people of London responded to the global financial crisis...with snowballs! Taking advantage London's best snow in living memory, forty people gathered in the City of London--London's financial center--to challenging the workers of the recently bailed-out Royal Bank of Scotland to a snowball fight.

July 10! Dance Party!

July 10 dance party

Kazembe Balagun speaking at A-Space

Kazembe Balagun speaks about his experiences with SLAM after complementing Philadelphians on our good looks.

The event was a release party for Upping the Anti #8.

More audio and stuff coming soon!

Civilian Uprising against Barrick Gold in Tanzania

Mine security shoots young man, villagers respond by destroying $7 million in equipment

by Sakura Saunders

The Mwita family lives next to Barrick Gold's North Mara mine. Waste rock on the edge of the pit can be seen behind their home. Photo: Allan Cedillo Lissner

December 24th, 2008

Last December, reports surfaced in the mainstream press that thousands of villagers had raided a gold mine in Northern Tanzania, setting fire to $7 million* worth of mine equipment. Most reports blamed problems with crime in the area, calling the intruders "gold-seekers."

While the spokesman for Barrick Gold** Tanzania, Teweli Teweli, describes these villagers as "well-organized groups" who attacked the pit following the blasting of high-grade ore, others paint Barrick as the aggressor in this event, citing immediate and historic causes that have been largely ignored by the international community.

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