What I Learned At The WTO Protests In Seattle...

by Pete Tridish

A Ruckus I Couldn’t Miss

I first heard about the Seattle Protests at a Ruckus Society training camp about 6 months before the WTO was scheduled to come to town. Ruckus is a group famous for the dramatic and daring banners they hang from cranes and buildings and towers; they focus on human rights and environmental issues. The speaker there representing the anti-WTO organizers, after making an eloquent case for the connections between all the globalization issues and for a coalition of activists of all stripes, said “We will lie down on the airstrips and stop the delegates planes from landing.  If they get past that, we will block the highways leading from the airport to the city. If they get past that, we will block the hotels they are staying in, we will block the streets, and we will block the doors of the convention center and we will not let them make another another free trade deal that week in Seattle.” How could I not help with such a plan? In that moment I committed to go.

Resisting the Coup Grassroots Style!

Honduran and American Activists Dispel U.S. Media Lies

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by Joanna Grim

In light of the overall absence of coverage by the mainstream news media, and the printing of misleading information concerning the situation in Honduras one month after a military coup ousted the democratically-elected President Manuel Zalaya in papers such as our own Philadelphia Inquirer – which prints deceptive articles such as Rick Santorum’s op-ed likening opposition of the coup to “going against democracy” and yet declines to print op-eds submitted by local activists and educators hoping to bring another perspective to the Inquirer’s readers –  Philadelphians have to ask “What inquiries are being made?” “What story is being told?” “Whose interests are being served?”

Iraqi Labor Reps East Coast Tour (including DC, NYC, Philly)

Iraqi Labor Reps Speak in Philadelphia

September 21, 7:00-9:00 pm at Friends Meeting House
Address: 4th & Arch Streets, Philadelphia, PA

CONTACT: Denice Lombard (202) 320-5588,

Aaron Huges (217) 898-9083,

Iraqi Labor Reps Speak on East Coast Tour on Their Way to National AFL-CIO Convention

Iraqi Labor leaders hope to make their case about the lack of labor rights in Iraq to audience of U.S. union reps and war veterans in Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, D.C.

THIS FRIDAY: Movie screening on State Violence & the Resistance Movement in Honduras

Join filmmaker/journalist Oscar Estrada this Friday evening, September 11 at 7pm at the Shoe Shop (1652 Ridge Ave.) for a film screening and discussion.

A Rainbow Flag Over Habana

by Marina Sitrin

May 2009

Flowers of Resistance and Liberty

by Robert Saleem Holbrook

Argentine Factory in the Hands of the Workers:

FASINPAT a Step Closer to Permanent Worker Control

by Marie Trigona

reprinted from

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The People vs. The Banksters: A mass snowball fight in the City of London


On February 2nd, the people of London responded to the global financial crisis...with snowballs! Taking advantage London's best snow in living memory, forty people gathered in the City of London--London's financial center--to challenging the workers of the recently bailed-out Royal Bank of Scotland to a snowball fight.

Enric Duran Released on 50K Euro Bail

Enric Duran, the Catalan 'Robin Hood of the Banks' has been released on 50,000 euro bail after being held in preventative detention for two months on fraud charges. Enric's upcoming trial for 'financial civil disobedience' offers another moment of publicity for Spain's 'We Can Live Without Capitalism' campaign that is gearing up for its September 17th launch.

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