Parole manipulation at SCI Greene

Well over a year after Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell lifted the moratorium he imposed on the PA Board of Probation and Parole in conjunction with the Department of Corrections (DOC) to bring to a complete halt all prisoner releases, parole eligible prisoners at SCI Greene, located in southwestern Pennsylvania, who fall under the classification of violent offenders are still feeling the ramifications of Governor Rendell’s actions. Sadly, they have become pawns in the quest for continued prison expansion here in PA.

Atenco Rebels Hit Hard by Police Siege

San Salvador Atenco, Mexico

On May 3rd, state police blocked 60 flower vendors from setting up their stands at the Texcoco local market in the State of Mexico, about 20 miles east of Mexico City. The police beat and arrested those who resisted. After calling on neighboring San Salvador Atenco for help, the Atenco residents blocked the highway to Texcoco.

Europe, another Invitation to the next european gathering of PGA - 19/8 - 3/9 2006

Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 16:16:02 +0300


On the 25th Anniversary of Mumia Abu Jamal's Arrest

d9 flyerMumia supporters are converging on Philadelphia for December 9th to observe the 25th anniversary of his arrest. Gather at City Hall at 11:30 a.m. to let officials know the public support for Mumia remains strong.

A couple recent articles in the defenestrator on what's new with Mumia including a new book about him and legal update can be found here:

Beyond the Walls: Prison Health Care Summit

fight flyer

4th Annual Beyond the Walls:

Prison Health Care Summit

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

Temple University Student Center
1755 N. 13th Street, Room 200c
(between Cecil B Moore Ave. and W. Montgomery Ave.)

Registration is FREE!
Please Register in Advance @ 215-985-4448 x250 or
Breakfast & Lunch Provided

Philadelphia Demonstration Joins International Protests to Shut Down Guantanamo Prison Camp

by Steve Eckardt

Philadelphia Demonstration Joins International Protests to Shut Down Guantanamo Prison Camp Some 40 demonstrators gathered at the Federal courthouse on January 11th as part of worldwide protests demanding the closure of Washington’s prison camp on U.S.-occupied Cuban territory at Guantanamo Bay. On the 5th anniversary of its opening, the protestors demanded closing the camp and ending the practices of trial-less detentions and torture at the U.S. facility.

Sat 4/14 A-Space Open House-- write a letter for Maroon Shoatz

Join us tonight for a hot acoustic set from Kevin Finn 

A Rodney King incident?

Lawyer: Tape shows cops beating man in arrest


With August 30 Execution Date, the Wife of Kenneth Foster Jr Speaks Out

Hans Bennett interviews Dutch hip hop artist Jav’linkenneth foster

Hans Bennett: What is Kenneth like?

Jav’lin: We’ve been together for two years. He is very loving, caring, passionate, and charming. He can light up the room when he starts smiling. When I first met him, this surprised me because so many death row prisoners have spiritually died. But Kenneth was still growing and shining after so many years on death row.

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