Toronto Community Mobilization Network Organizes G8/G20 Protests in June

Adapted from Press Release from Toronto Community Mobilization Network

The Toronto Community Mobilization Network is a group of community-based organizers and allies, facilitating teach-ins, creative actions, rallies and demonstrations leading up to and during the G8/G20 Summits in Toronto, June 21-27, 2010.

“The leaders gathering at the G8/G20 summits are a group of illegitimate, self-selected people whose narrow vision for the world is both unsustainable and disastrous for communities everywhere”, says Sharmeen Khan, a spokesperson for the Toronto Community Mobilization Network. “We are here to tell them that we are the many and they are the few – our struggles and our voices will overcome their exclusionary agenda.”

“(Prime Minister) Harper wants to hide Canada’s poverty and homelessness, persistent attacks on Indigenous peoples and migrants, and the Alberta Tar Sands, Canada’s largest environmental disaster, behind fences and road blocks,” says Syed Hussan, spokesperson for the Toronto Community Mobilization Network, “but community organizations in Toronto will make sure that the world sees what Harper is concealing.”

“Indigenous activists, migrant justice organizers, environmentalists, anti-poverty groups, labour unions, queer, feminist and disAbility rights communities are all gathering under the Toronto Community Mobilization Network umbrella,” explains Khan. “People are speaking to each other, connecting struggles, building alliances and developing solutions. These actions and protests will be the building blocks towards grassroots social justice in this city.”

“As Toronto’s residents with experience creating real solutions in our communities, schools, shelters, workplaces and on our streets, it is our responsibility to ensure that the marginalized voices of the billions shut out of these meetings are heard loud and clear,” Hussan adds. “We anticipate an empowered people’s movement from around the globe uniting in struggles for real justice at the community level, joining us in Toronto to build a real alternative.”

The website of the Network, endorsed by over 50 organizations, is

In addition, preceding the actions against the G8/G20, a People’s Summit will take place June 18-20 at Ryerson University in Toronto to educate, empower and ignite positive change, through a wide array of workshops, presentations, skills training and cultural events.

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