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We are excited to announce the launch of our new website this spring!

If you would like your writing or visual art featured on the new and possibly in print within issue 54, see our call for submissions below.

See you later on in the spring! 




The Defenestrator, an anarchist newspaper run by a collective based in west philly, is seeking submissions for the launch of their new website this spring.


The first meeting to discuss issue 54 of the defenestrator will happen on thursday may 1, 8:30pm at lava space. 

Defenestrator issue 53 coming soon to philly and pennsylvania prisons

Defenestrator issue 53 hits the streets this weekend. 

It's been a very long journey, but all the blood, sweat and toil by contributors, editors, illustrators and supporters is about to come to fruition.

This issue is centered around WORK. There are articles and interviews about international workplace takeovers, nonprofit work & activism, collecting unemployment, radical sports, Black Orchid Foods, prison resistance and much more. We hope you enjoy reading it and thank you for your patience! 

Long live the defenestrator.

Local Weather Philadelphia

I Don't Even Need a Scarf to Type This Out

A Personal Review of Pages 240-241 in Christian Parenti's Tropic of Chaos on February 1st, 2012, high of 62 degrees, Philadelphia, PA.

Occupy Philly Given Eviction Notice

 OCCUPY PHILLY -- EVICTION NOTICE HAS BEEN GIVEN -- city states we must vacate city hall by 5 pm on SUN 11.27. EVICTION PLANNING MEETINGS --- tonight (FRI) at 9 pm -- meet at 15th and Market to decide on a meet space AND tomorrow (SAT) at 3 pm at Arch St. Methodist Church in the Sanctuary (large room we met in for the first two OP meetings prior to occupying). FORWARD WIDELY.

If Occupy Philly is Raided

 If Occupy Philly is raided by the police, come to city hall ASAP; bring friends, signs, & support; spread the word. Then meet the following day at 4 p.m. at Rittenhouse Park (19th & Walnut in center city Philadelphia)

Call for Submissions: Sickness and Health in Philadelphia (And Beyond)

We're happy to announce that we at the defenestrator have decided to move toward a theme based, quarterly publication.

The theme we wish to explore in the next issue of the defenestrator is Sickness and Health in Philadelphia (and Beyond). The deadline for submissions for this issue will be Sunday, August 21st, 2011.

In our city access to healthcare is a problem we grapple with everyday and we seek to explore how different groups and people fight for access to the care they need...and the conditions to make that possible! We do wish to investigate what healthcare might look like if it was not based on profit and empowered patients, but we are also living in in the “here and now” and wish to explore how some of us are getting by in the current set up and what low cost/no cost resources are available.

However issues surrounding sickness and health also extend into many areas that aren't exclusively a problem of access. Some of us find ourselves suffering from physical and mental ailments where care by mainstream medical institutions are found lacking or even exploitative and so we seek support systems and communities of care outside the traditional institutions. We are interested in what promotes (and prevents) health in our city with an eye toward solutions, alternatives and struggles.

The issue of sickness and health has so many facets and intersects with so many other issues that we look forward to being surprised by the article submissions that come our way for this issue. There are many stories and we hope you clue us in to what sickness and health looks like in Philadelphia (and Beyond).

We are seeking interviews, reports from movements of people fighting for healthcare (and what makes that care possible), essays that seek to analyze, book reviews, narrative nonfiction that tells the stories that are seldom told, insightful art and much more.

Please take a look at our submission guidelines for the general length of articles, political content and helpful tips @ If after reading the guidelines you have more questions or have an idea for a submission, but want some feedback please drops us a line @

Silvia Federici Talk: Care Work and Radical Communities

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Chopped and screwed version coming soon!

Askia Sabur and Tanya Yates’ April 12th pretrial hearing

Yesterday Tuesday April 12th 2011, Askia Sabur and Tanya Yates, 2 victims of recent violent attacks by 19th district cops went to court for a pretrial hearing. After waiting for over four hours for the judge to even show up, the court session started with business as usual. Case after case all involving drugs, their consumption and their sale. Like a plea deal factory worker on a bureaucratic assembly line, Judge Means rubber stamped every coerced plea, sending folks from the most struggling neighborhoods away with the necessary paperwork to facilitate whatever deal the DA chose to offer them.

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