If Occupy Philly is Raided

 If Occupy Philly is raided by the police, come to city hall ASAP; bring friends, signs, & support; spread the word. Then meet the following day at 4 p.m. at Rittenhouse Park (19th & Walnut in center city Philadelphia)

Check occupyphillymedia.org and Facebook.com/OccupyPhiladelphia for updates

Follow @SkyMbr on Twitter for rapid response info

Download emergency response media here

download a flyer here

Info about Rittenhouse Square Park

The park does not have stairs, and has wide pathways but they are made of brick. It would be good for us to research how this effects accessibility. 

According to Wikipedia,  Rittenhouse Square is accessible via several forms of public transportation.

All SEPTA Regional Rail lines stop at Suburban Station, about six blocks north and east of the Square.
The PATCO Speedline, a rapid transit system connecting Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey stops at 16th St. & Locust St., 2 blocks east of the Square.
The SEPTA 9, 12, 21, and 42 buses westbound run along Walnut Street. The 17 runs northbound along 20th Street and southbound along 19th Street and Rittenhouse Square West and the 2 runs northbound along 16th Street and southbound along 17th Street.
The SEPTA Subway-Surface Trolley Lines have a station at 19th and Market streets, two blocks north of the Square. The Walnut-Locust station on the Broad Street Subway is four blocks east.
Two taxi stands are to be found on the west side of the Square, accessible 24 hours a day.

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