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Going to Jail in Philadelphia
by the Blanketman pigs beating anti-prison protester

This article is from the defenestrator special anti-RNC (issue #13, summer 2000) which hit the streets a week or so before over 400 people where locked up in Philly's jails during a day of action against the Criminal Injustice System. The author spent a year locked up for a minor drug charge and has been fighting the system that put him behind bars ever since. His work fighting prison bureaucracies as a prisoner advocate and experience of numerous arrests for his political work has made him an expert of sorts in statist abuse.

A history of Civil Affairs
by dave onion

Also from the anti-RNC issue, a brief overview of the role that Philly's soft spoken political police have had in repression against political activists.




Philly's activist legal collective who do legal observing, trainings and working with felons to regain basic freedoms and rights after incarceration.

National Lawyers Guild Legal Observer Manual


The NLG Legal Observer Training Manual is a companion piece to NLG Legal Observer Trainings.

The Jailhouse Lawyer’s Handbook
How to bring a federal lawsuit to challenge violations of your rights in prison. Published by the Center for Constitutional Rights and the National Lawyers Guild.

Videotaping Police During Political Demonstrations

This manual is meant to provide a basic overview of proven tactics for video taping police at demonstrations. The information is presented with the hope of having as many people as possible attending these demonstrations carrying video cameras and having knowledge of how to use them effectively. It is hoped that you the reader will become one of these people.


Public Defenders


Brad Bridge (215) 557-4960 Bbridge@philadefender.org

Meg Flores (215) 972-4524

Private Lawyers

Paul Hetznecker (215) 893-9640

Larry Krasner (215) 731-9500

Ron Mcguire (New Jersey) (201) 795-0342

Messing, Epstein & Rudofsky (Phila) (215) 925-4400

King Downing (973) 483-0561


Stolen Lives Project