Society of the Spectacle

The 1973 film by French Situationist Guy Debord, based on the 1967 book of the same title, shows the dominating oppression of modernization ... all » of both the private and public spheres of everyday life by economic forces. The hegemonic mass media operates as a propaganda machine in both communist and capitalist nations and creates commodity fetishism in the minds of the masses.

Native youth movement

Aristide and The Endless Revolution

Aristide and the Endless Revolution

Powerful documentary on the events leading up to the overthrow of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 2004. The film explores the legacy of colonialism in Haiti today. We see the continuation of this colonial history with the intervention of thousands of US troops following the tragic earthquake there.

Thanksgiving Prayer

Bomb It

by Arielle Burgdorf

You’re walking down the street when suddenly you see it: a stencil of a bandana-clad man  about to throw something. Except where there should be a molotov cocktail in his hand, there’s a bouquet of flowers. Is it clever? Will it make people think? And, most importantly, is it art?

Resisting the Coup Grassroots Style!

Honduran and American Activists Dispel U.S. Media Lies

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by Joanna Grim

In light of the overall absence of coverage by the mainstream news media, and the printing of misleading information concerning the situation in Honduras one month after a military coup ousted the democratically-elected President Manuel Zalaya in papers such as our own Philadelphia Inquirer – which prints deceptive articles such as Rick Santorum’s op-ed likening opposition of the coup to “going against democracy” and yet declines to print op-eds submitted by local activists and educators hoping to bring another perspective to the Inquirer’s readers –  Philadelphians have to ask “What inquiries are being made?” “What story is being told?” “Whose interests are being served?”

Reconsider Columbus Day

HRC protests prisoner abuse at CFCF

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