Hands off Oakland rebels!

Greetings from California, Comrades!

As many have heard, a relentless anti-police movement has grown from the tragedy of Oscar Grant's murder on January 1, 2009 by former officer Johannes Mehserle.* Recently, Mehserle was convicted of the deplorable charge of involuntary manslaughter, a weak charge which carries a sentence of probation to four years in prison.?

When Dogs Riot

Among the diverse array of angry Greeks protesting austerity and capitalism are of course dogs. One particular dog, who calls himself Loukanikos, has taken to the streets he lives on to join the mobs. Barking at police, inhaling copious amounts of tear gas and chasing rubber bullets, Louk apparently hasn't missed an Athens riot in years, first appearing in photos of street disturbances with protesters after Athens cops killed 15 year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos in December 2008. Since then Louk has consistently pitched in, barking and growling at neoliberal austerity measures and agents of state repression during times of street warfare, and providing comradeship on the sidelines. Capital has taken notice: riot dog even appeared on the cover of a recent edition of the European edition of the economist.

On the internet, you can check out Louk and other canine rebels at or on facebook:

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