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pp/pow Russell Maroon Shoatz Needs Your Help

maroonMaroon needs your help now to get into general population! 

At last the Pennsylvania Dept Of Corrections has recommended that Russell Maroon Shoatz be released into general population. Russell is thrilled after 23hr a day lockdown for the last 21 years. Russell Shoatz hasn't had any infractions in the last 21 years, and everyone is on board with his release into population, except for the Superintendent of SCI Greene, Mr. Folino. Russell Shoatz is to appear before the Program Review Board, who also recommends Russell's release into population, on  Jan 5, 2011 . We must stop Supt. Folino's quest to keep Russell in solitary confinement (locked down 23 hours per day).
Please contact Supt, Folino Phone # 724-852-2903 Or Tracey Shawley if Folino isn't available.
Write, Supt, Folino, 169 Progress Drive, Waynesburg, Pa 15370
Sec Of PA Prisons, Sec, Shirley Moore Sneal Phone, 717-975-4918

Pennsylvania Prison Report

Pittsburgh march honors wrongful death of pregnant prisoner

Thursday, November 25, marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Medical neglect and deprivation of basic reproductive health care for incarcerated women is a form of state violence against women affecting thousands every year in the United States.

Former Prisoners Testify at Hearing on Solitary Confinement- August 2, 2010 Yeadon, PA ****with video

 Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Solitary Confinement

Former prisoners in solitary Nathaniel Lee and LuQman Abdullah

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